From business development through contract performance, recruiting is central to the business of federal contracting. If your recruiting strategies don’t work, your business won’t either.

Our recruiting solutions help you compete for more business, maximize revenue on sold work, and perform better each time.

Our clients are the emerging leaders of the federal contracting industry. Name nearly any agency or command, and ProvatoHR has supported their mission through our clients.

Our value proposition is simple: spend less, make more, perform better.

Growth Solutions For Federal Contractors

Provato offers complete recruiting solutions that support the entire business of federal contracting. Effective recruiting is essential to growth in federal contracting, from the bid & proposal process through contract award. Our mission is to deliver value-oriented, results-driven services that help our clients compete for more business and become reliable resources to their partners and clients. Unlike traditional staffing alternatives, ProvatoHR builds innovative strategies for the benefit of our clients and their employees, not to maximize placement fees.


Recruiting Return on Investment (ROI)

Whether your costs are too high, your revenue too low, or you have poor quality of hire, the true value of the recruiting function should be measured from three views: revenue generated, costs incurred, and performance.


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Social Media's Role in Finding Cleared Talent